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Greetings to All! It has been a while since an article has been written about the ETH-MEN project. This short absence does not mean progress has not been made. Instead, we have been working around the clock and behind the scenes. Get ready to catch up on this Intergalactic space adventure and get the popcorn ready.

We recently found ourselves looking for a way to provide extra incentive to ETH-MEN Avatar owners. Around the same time, several exciting new artists asked if they could be contributors to the ETH-MEN universe. After a quick brainstorm we recognized a great new opportunity for the whole ETH-MEN community!

A first work by Sinchen

The ETH-MEN Exclusive contract

First we created a new contract. You can find it here.
Artists will apply to become verified Exclusive ETH-MEN artists. We will mint selected artists ETH-MEN related artwork on this new Exclusive contract.

Selected artists must agree to raffling 20% of each of their provided works to…

We are very excited to share our new collab with zakalwe-x! We are fans of his artwork for some time now, and when he introduced his bounty hunter series, well we couldn’t resist to ask if this concept can be part of our ETH-MEN Universe. So it happend! We made a custom ERC-721 contract for Zakalwe-x, which he will control completely, we will integrate these Space Reavers on our website and we will make ETH-MEN Action figures of them (duh). These orginals works will be unique 1 of 1! Read about their history in the next part of this article!

A Brief History of the Space Reavers

It has been an amazing ride since we launched in mid November 2020! We are thrilled to see how much people love our ETH-MEN figures and what a great community is forming around them!

We initially created these figures with a standard ERC-1155 Rarible contract. Unfortunately we did not realize at the time how this contract would limit our development objectives going forward.

The ETH-MEN contract needs a little more functionality. Our figures depend on their token ID so they can be easily batched together for showcasing on our website as well as for the burning contract. Unfortunately a contract…

The ETH-MEN action figures have opened the interdimensional plane for Collectors far and wide. Not only will you obtain functionality with your figures but now you will now be able to read the adventures of the ETH-MEN. The release of the ETH-MEN comics is about to take YOU for a ride across 6 Galaxies and unravel the stories of friends and foes. Prepare yourself for excellent art, a strong plot, twist and turns and…oh yes…easter eggs.

A Grim Cloud — Black & White

Now, let’s hop into this worm hole and get to business. …

ETH-MEN has been warmly accepted by the community since the initial launch. Now, an additional unique collectible is available: ETH-MEN Avatars.

Each Avatar is a displayable icon that may be used on Twitter, Rarible, Discord, or anywhere you want. Every character has exactly 12 unique (1/1) avatars -with the exception of Godrick, who has a 13th- which are distributed in different ways. Some are auctioned, while others will be put for sale at a unknown time, following the release of a new figure. 3 of 12 are sent randomly to the 3 avatars subscription holders.

Lord Zieg conquering planet Eth

ETH-MEN is an original concept NFT for action figures that bring an intergallactic nostalgia to true Collectors. Not only is this just a collectible but it is also functional.


Digital action figures and comics on the #eth blockchain, exploring the ETH-MEN universe.

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