Introducing ETH-MEN Exclusive and avatar rewards

2 min readFeb 16, 2021

We recently found ourselves looking for a way to provide extra incentive to ETH-MEN Avatar owners. Around the same time, several exciting new artists asked if they could be contributors to the ETH-MEN universe. After a quick brainstorm we recognized a great new opportunity for the whole ETH-MEN community!

A first work by Sinchen

The ETH-MEN Exclusive contract

First we created a new contract. You can find it here.
Artists will apply to become verified Exclusive ETH-MEN artists. We will mint selected artists ETH-MEN related artwork on this new Exclusive contract.

Selected artists must agree to raffling 20% of each of their provided works to ETH-MEN avatar holders. This effectively makes every ETH-MEN avatar a never expiring raffle ticket!

A sketch by Greekfreak

All avatar ID’s will be part of the random raffle selection pool. The owners of the winning ID’s drawn will be rewarded with the approved ETH-MEN artworks.

Avatar owners get promoted in our discord to “connoisseur”.
People with this role have access to a special discord room, where every connoisseur has a vote. When an artist applies to mint ETH-MEN exclusive works, the connoisseurs will vote for allowing this artist to be part of the exclusive contract or not.

Pre-approved artists
To get this party started we pre-approved allready two artists:
- Sinchen
- Greekfreak

Made by Sinchen


ETH-MEN are digital action figures, collectibles, comics, pieces of unique comic art. The different contracts are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, for the avatars and subscriptions, and ERC-1155 for the ETH-MEN and Comics.

The collection is available on Rarible, and also available on Opensea.

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