ETH-MEN, Digital action figures on the #ETH blockchain

3 min readDec 28, 2020
Lord Zieg conquering planet Eth

ETH-MEN is an original concept NFT for action figures that bring an intergallactic nostalgia to true Collectors. Not only is this just a collectible but it is also functional.

Lord Zieg, the 1st released digital action figure

Upon initial sale, each figure is purchased as a “front card”, which consists of the character figure along with additional accessories. The informational piece, called the “cardback”, is then sent to the owner of the front card. Both sides of the card are required to complete the set and allow the next functional topic: unboxing.

Lord Zieg unboxed becomes a 3D figure

Upon visiting the Eth-Men website, the collector can view and unbox their figure. Unboxing the figure initiates a “burning” function. Both sides of the card are then removed and in exchange a 3D NFT figure is revealed along with an information card cut-out.

Together with the 3D figure, you get the cut-out cardback.

A second part of out ETH-MEN universe are the avatars. They are a set of 12 unique artworks per character. These avatars are basically unique profile images in a very cool comic style. You can check the collection on opensea here.

Our friend Ross from Cryptowieners made a seperate voxelseries. The characters wearables and accessories could be used in Cryptovoxels. By the way, don’t forget to drop by the ETH-MEN store in Cryptovoxels, located here.

1 of 2 cryptovoxelstores

Rapid expansion across the Metaverse has resulted in collaborations with known Artists such as Pranksy and Reneil. Special Edition releases like the ‘Punk’ series, inspired by CryptoPunks has also been released. With a unique concept, ETH-MEN is truly going interplanetary in the quest for Metaversal dominance.


ETH-MEN are digital action figures, collectibles, comics, pieces of unique comic art. The different contracts are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, for the avatars and subscriptions, and ERC-1155 for the ETH-MEN and Comics.

The collection is available on Rarible, and also available on Opensea.

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Digital action figures and comics on the #eth blockchain, exploring the ETH-MEN universe.