ETH-MEN News Update

6 min readJul 28, 2021


Greetings to All! It has been a while since an article has been written about the ETH-MEN project. This short absence does not mean progress has not been made. Instead, we have been working around the clock and behind the scenes. Get ready to catch up on this Intergalactic space adventure and get the popcorn ready.

The 3D Special Edition Series

Since we know there were a lot of 3D action figures released following the launch of our first 2D eth-men figures, we want to give the opportunity to ETH-MEN Holders to get 3D packaged action figure! However we won’t sell them ;).

Vexx Grimm — Special Edition 3D packed figure
Vexx Grimm — Special Edition 3D packed figure

There are only 2 ways to get the 3D Special Edition ETH-MEN Action Figure:

  1. You have 1 of 12 avatars of the specific ETH-MEN = The figure will be airdropped to your wallet!
  2. UNPACK. Yes. You have to sacrifice your first edition 2D ETH-MEN In order to receive this packed 3D figure. This is also only valid for a limited time. After each announcement of a 3D figure release, you will have 10 days to unpack and get the figure.

Some key points

  • The 3D Special Edition Series will be ERC-721, and each figure will have its own ID. Distribution of ID’s will be random.
  • This collection will be minted on polygon, which will reduce gasfees drastically.
  • Release of the figures will be random and not chronologically like the first edition series
  • This series is not unpackable and is a collectors item. There is a big chance you allready have the 3D figure, if you unpacked to get this.
  • Every first edition figure of the original series will ultimately have its own 3D packaged limited edition figure
Vexx Grimm — Special Edition 3D packed figure


The main storyline of ETH-MEN consists of 7 chapters. So far, we have released both Chapters 1 and 2 of the Arc. We have had to delay the release of further released due to a couple reasons.

The first reason is our comic artist, Bart, had some health issues and couldn’t draw for a month. Now we all know a month IRL is about 2 years in NFT Land so we are coming up with solutions to move forward, and we decided to add to the team an inker and a colorist that are already at work on issue three and will make us able to speed up further the releases of the upcoming chapters.

The second reason for the delay of release is our plan to launch the origin story of Zieg between chapter 2 and 3. This Origin comic is complete and ready. However, this comic became part of a very cool collab which we will further explain in this article.

We expect to release chapter 3 in August (exact date TBD), and the next chapters on a monthly basis thereafter. If plans go accordingly we will have completed the Story Arc by December.

There will also be a change in the readability of the comics.

Starting from chapter 3, the regular comic will be readable and we lose the unpacking aspect for this version. The other graded comics will remain the same and will be unpackable upon demand, burning the case and minting the opened comic.

Chapter 3 in progress

Origins x Redlion studios

With great excitement, it is our pleasure to announce that we have made a deal with the one and only [Drumroll] Redlion studios. If you are not familiar with their work I highly suggest you check them out. Soon they will release their huge new platform which will cover lots of metaverse comics as open editions but time based. The ETH-MEN team has been working on several of these comics both artwork and scripts. Having said this, the Lord Zieg Origins story will be the first comic that will be purchasable from the new Redlion Platform.

ETH-MEN Origins cover

Somnium Space Events

Our somnium space expert Jillt is working on 3 live events that will take place on the ETH-MEN Somnium space parcel! These events will feature 3 Somnium space ETH-MEN avatars, and the event will be accompanied with some live music. But the fun doesn’t end there. There will be a scavenger hunt for Zoofie. If you find her, there will be some free ETH-MEN loot!

The first event will take place july 31, 8PM CEST!
Zoofie, Aegis and Vexx will be waiting for you!

Zoofie in Somnium Space
Vexx in Somnium Space
Aegis in Somnium Space

VRM files x CryptoAvatars

Recently we started to add VRM files to the unpacked ETH-MEN figures. A VRM file lets you become the figure in some virtual worlds! To understand better what these VRM files are, take a look here!

To clarify. If you unpack your eth-men figure, there will also will be a VRM file added, so you can use that one in virtual worlds.

The difference between the VRM files from the eth-men card, and the VRM files on the cryptoavatars platform is that the ones from cryptoavatars are unique 1 of 1 avatars. They are slightly different. For example CHET with beard is attached to the ETH-MEN figure. CHET without beard is a 1 of 1 unique VRM. Or Vexx Grimm without helmet, and with helmet.

We will soon start to mint these on the cryptoavatars platform, and you will be able to find them here, among other very cool avatars from different artists.




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