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3 min readJan 4, 2021

The ETH-MEN action figures have opened the interdimensional plane for Collectors far and wide. Not only will you obtain functionality with your figures but now you will now be able to read the adventures of the ETH-MEN. The release of the ETH-MEN comics is about to take YOU for a ride across 6 Galaxies and unravel the stories of friends and foes. Prepare yourself for excellent art, a strong plot, twist and turns and…oh yes…easter eggs.

A Grim Cloud — Black & White

Now, let’s hop into this worm hole and get to business. Much like physical comics, a bonus feature for the collectible comics are the four variations available for each release:

1. Standard edition:

Total of 250 copies are released for everyday wear and tear. Nothing too fancy or valuable here except the fact that it is the first release, not to be confused with the special first edition.

Chapter 1 — A Grim CLoud — Standard Edition

2. First edition:

Total of 125 copies to ever exist with a special “First Edition” stamp on the cover. Unlike the standard edition, these are in fact valuable and desirable.

Chapter 1 — A Grim CLoud — First Edition — Graded

3. Black & White:

Total of 90 copies released in Black and White. Collect the original illustration without color.

Chapter 1 — A Grim CLoud —Black & White Edition — Graded

4. Sketch:

The rarest release with a total of only 65 in existence. The sketch collection opens the storyline through the artists illustrations. While Comics seldom release their sketches, we have made it available for our avid collectors to own a piece of digital history.

Chapter 1 — A Grim CLoud — Sketch Edition — Graded

Upon purchase, each comic NFT is encased and sealed as one would be in the store. When you’re ready, you can head over to the ETH-MEN website, and open it. Once you unpack, you will burn the packaging.

Graded/packed comics you can find here. This is the ETH-MEN Comics contract: 0x5ceb7e1bd70690667b19bd2832ca85aef221a79a

Unpacked comics you can find here. This is the ETH-MEN Comics Unsealed contract: 0x4c9f1b0313699ce67264bac7326a7a02ebee747a

Once the seal is removed, all the pages will load for your pleasurable reading. You may notice you only have a page or two of material to read and say to yourself “What in the Zieg is this ****!”. Don’t get your spacesuit in a bunch so fast. As the story progresses, more and more pages are added to the opened comic every week.

So, who’s ready for the hottest, metaversal soap opera to hit the digital shelves?! Complete your collection today and head on over to your favorite digital collectible shop, *coughs* ETH-MEN Store, and get your hands on a copy, or two, before they run out. You don’t want to be that space nomad who has to make a pit stop with nothing to read, right?


ETH-MEN are digital action figures, collectibles, comics, pieces of unique comic art. The different contracts are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, for the avatars and subscriptions, and ERC-1155 for the ETH-MEN and Comics.

The collection is available on Rarible, and also available on Opensea.

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Digital action figures and comics on the #eth blockchain, exploring the ETH-MEN universe.