ETH-MEN Avatars

2 min readJan 3, 2021

ETH-MEN has been warmly accepted by the community since the initial launch. Now, an additional unique collectible is available: ETH-MEN Avatars.

Each Avatar is a displayable icon that may be used on Twitter, Rarible, Discord, or anywhere you want. Every character has exactly 12 unique (1/1) avatars -with the exception of Godrick, who has a 13th- which are distributed in different ways. Some are auctioned, while others will be put for sale at a unknown time, following the release of a new figure. 3 of 12 are sent randomly to the 3 avatars subscription holders.

For people that are really into ‘Black & White’, for a limited time you can aks us to change your avatar to the ‘black and white’ version. Any avatar-holder can trade in their avatar for its B&W version by simply contacting us on our discord server and asking to replace it. We will update the token metadata so the avatar in your wallet will become B&W. This is limited from the sale until the next avatars drop. After the new avatars drop, you will not be able to do this anymore. This adds to the overall variation, and hence to the rarity of these (1/1) avatars.


ETH-MEN are digital action figures, collectibles, comics, pieces of unique comic art. The different contracts are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, for the avatars and subscriptions, and ERC-1155 for the ETH-MEN and Comics.

The collection is available on Rarible, and also available on Opensea.

You can join us in our Discord server or follow us at twitter!




Digital action figures and comics on the #eth blockchain, exploring the ETH-MEN universe.